Fluorine-Free Soil Resistance Treatment
Does your carpet fiber hide and release soil? Carpets with Antron® type 6,6 nylon are designed with patent pending, Fluorine-free DuraTech® soil resistance treatment. And, carpets of Antron® nylon have up to 65% better soil resistance1 and can last up to 75% longer2. When performance is a priority, you can feel confident your Antron® specification includes soil resistant protection - giving you a carpet that lasts longer and cleans up easier.

Watch for Yourself, DuraTech® Doesn't Dig Dirt!

It's Our Performance Standard.

As part of the Antron® standard, DuraTech® is applied during the carpet manufacturing process, providing soil resistant protection. Coupled with our type 6,6 nylon you have a carpet that excels in all three performance criteria - soil, stain and texture.

How You Benefit.

With up to 65% better soil resistance1, cleaning becomes easier, which may save you time and costs on care and maintenance.

Better For The Environment - Inside and Out.

Fluorine, or Poly- and perfluoroalkyl acids (PFASs), are becoming chemicals of concern. In 2016, we committed to removing fluorine from our DuraTech® Treatment in order to help foster a safe and healthy environment, because we believe what's inside matters.
1 than carpets of the leading competitive nylon;
2 than the majority of competitive nylon carpets.

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