Our commitment to improving away-from-home interiors begins with:

We engineer Antron® fibers to help carpet work and play extra hard, clean up nicely, resist crushing and matting, and help prevent spills from becoming stains. To achieve this outstanding performance, we start with a tighter molecular structure, add an innovative hollow filament shape and perform a gauntlet of rigorous tests. The Result?

  • Carpets of Antron® nylon can last up to 75% longer 1
  • Carpets of Antron® nylon can have 65% better soil resistance 2
  • Carpets of Antron® nylon can have 2x better texture retention 2
  • Carpets of Antron® Lumena™ nylon can have up to 10x better stain resistance 3
  • Carpets of Antron® Lumena™ nylon can have 3x better fade resistance 3

Carpets made with Antron® fiber look newer longer and that’s great news for your budget, schedule and reputation. Our hard-working fibers are the Uncommon Thread found throughout the world in nearly every type of commercial space you can imagine.

Customers not only strive for a building’s operational efficiency but also how it impacts the wellbeing of its occupants. Whether it’s increasing employee wellbeing with living walls, lighting, palette of spaces, active workstations or latte machines, creating spaces that foster wellbeing, connectivity and productivity may have a positive effect on a company’s bottom line.

A well-focused commercial environment begins with clean carpet. Carpets of Antron® 6,6 fiber have hollow shapes that do a better job of hiding soil while also making it easier to lift the soil when cleaning. In fact, carpets of Antron® nylon can have 65% better soil resistance than carpets of the leading competitive nylon.

We’re passionate about what we do and how we do it, so it’s no wonder we’ve earned the trust of top manufacturers. Our mills and manufacturing partners are the best in the business. It comes down to the brands, products and people who have shared interests and a strong commitment to excellence. When we work with the right partners, we can do so much more collectively than we could on our own.

Some of our manufacturing partners include:

At INVISTA, parent company of the Antron® brand, we care about the communities we operate in. We’re committed to using resources efficiently, protecting the environment and the safety and health of our employees. Whether it’s innovating for product durability to lowering premature consumption of resources, removing added chemicals, like PFASs from our fibers, or protecting the wildlife habitat around our manufacturing site in Camden, South Carolina, we believe it’s what’s inside that really matters. Because the things we can’t always see help connect us to our environments, ourselves, and each other.

"I will only consider carpet styles that are manufactured with Antron® carpet fiber."

Laura Terrell, Director of Purchasing The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa