We believe it’s what’s inside that really matters. Learn how carpets of Antron® 6,6 may contribute to a cleaner indoor environment, provide an acoustic advantage and provide comfort and safety for your facility occupants.

Better Living in Away-From-Home Spaces

When properly maintained, carpets of Antron® 6,6 may contribute to a cleaner indoor environment. Designed with hollow shapes, Antron® 6,6 fiber is engineered to do a better job of hiding soil while also making it easier to lift the soil when cleaning. In fact, carpets of Antron® nylon can have 65% better soil resistance than carpets of the leading competitive nylon. 

According to the Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI), new carpet is one of the lowest VOC-emitting products used in new construction and renovation and is much lower than other indoor products such as paint. The already low levels of VOC emission of new carpet drop significantly after 24 hours.
Interruptions from either internal or external sources of noise can impact employee productivity. Yet as commercial spaces take on a communal design to encourage collaboration, so will the increase of noise from speech, telephones and so forth.  Carpet can be great at absorbing airborne noise. According to a recent study by CRI, when carpet is properly selected, carpet absorbs airborne noise as efficiently as many specialized acoustical materials. Let carpets of Antron® help you achieve acoustical balance. Because, when your employees are comfortable they're also productive, relaxed and open-minded.
Carpet can create a comfortable environment - one that makes you feel more at home when you're not at home. Not only does carpet cushion our footsteps but can also help minimize injuries like slips and falls. And in colder climates, carpets may retain warm air longer, potentially providing an energy benefit.

Building off our high-performance carpet fibers, we're holding ourselves to a higher standard by creating solutions that put people first. 

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