Environmental Stewardship

Protecting the land where we operate
For the Antron® brand, life-cycle based sustainability is integrative of our corporate vision. INVISTA, parent company of Antron®, defines “sustainability” as responsible stewardship of the environment and care for our employees, customers and communities. We strive to use resources more efficiently, protect the environment and the safety and health of our employees and others, consistently applying good science; and employing Market Based Management® (MBM) principles. Together, these help contribute to the overall quality of life in away-from-home life environments.

Our Commitment to the Environment.

Product Durability   

Product durability, quality and performance extend a product’s life. And the longer a product lasts, the fewer resources consumed over time and impact to our environment. 

Manufacturing Excellence

We implement strategies to increase energy efficiency, reduce emissions - greenhouse, solid waste, air & water pollutants and drive efficient use of natural resources and packaging materials.

Corporate Responsibility

The essence of the Market Based Management® philosophy is creating real, sustainable value for customers and society.   Value creation requires consuming fewer resources and providing customers with products that they value.

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