TCO Calculator

The Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Do you know how much your carpet really costs? Carpet is a significant investment, and budget pressures shouldn’t have you look short-sighted. There is a bigger picture to consider: the lifespan of your carpet and what it takes to maintain it.

We know the devil is in the details... Thinking one change to your specification won’t make much difference? Think again. Differences in specifications can have significant impact on items such as:

  • Soiling
  • Maintenance required to keep up a carpet's appearance
  • Replacement cycle and the business interruption that accompanies it

We want you to look good, from day one to year 20. Plug in the details of your project and see how Antron® can make a longer, and more affordable, impression.

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How TCO works:

  • We've tested more than 500 carpets installed at a real-world commercial facility with heavy soiling and foot traffics and measured results over time to generate the TCO calculations.
  • By comparing aesthetics, construction and fiber characteristics for two similar commercial carpets, the model can predict expected soil performance.
  • The TCO calculator will also consider key factors that impact the maintenance of your building, like foot traffics and the cost of your cleaning program.
  • It takes all of these factors and calculates the expected cost difference over time of your carpet investment.

Costs considered in TCO the model:

  • Acquisition cost of new carpet
  • Expected maintenance costs over time

Costs NOT in the TCO model to also consider:

Acquisition and maintenance are just two factors to consider when evaluating commercial carpet. Other key costs to be aware of but that are not included in this model include:

  • Premature replacement
  • Business interruption
  • Disposal of failed products
  • Other costs associated with a carpet failure

NOTE: Antron® carpet fiber is engineered to stay newer looking longer, which can extend a carpet's life on the floor and help add years to your replacement cycle. The TCO model illustrates the impact that fiber, pattern, color, and texture have on the cost of carpet maintenance, but does not reflect the potential savings of longer life. Please consider this important point when calculating your total carpet investment.

The TCO Calculator is a mathematical model, based on carpet testing data, which calculates a predicted cost of ownership over time. As with any model, its predictions may not perfectly predict real world results. Because real carpets and real world conditions can vary, its results should not be taken as proof of superiority of one carpet brand, style or construction over another.