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Why Do Carpets of Antron® Fiber Perform So Well?

While a number of factors generally influence commercial carpet performance, the type of fiber used in the carpet is an important element. The integrated components of Antron® nylon—type 6,6 polymer, hollow filament fiber shape technology and DuraTech® soil resistance treatment—are a powerful combination that can keep carpets looking newer longer. In fact, carpets of Antron® type 6,6 nylon last up to 75% longer than the majority of other commercial carpets.*

The exceptional performance of Antron® carpet fiber is based on four major elements:

6,6 Degrees of Separation


Key Benefits: Type 6,6 nylon polymer has a tighter, more dense molecular structure with on average stronger, shorter hydrogen bonds than type 6 nylon.

The stronger the hydrogen bonds, the more heat or mechanical energy required to break them. With a more ordered structure and stronger hydrogen bonding, carpets of type 6,6 nylon when compared to carpets of type 6 nylon will have:

  • better texture retention or resistance to matting and crushing and greater resilience/recovery after compression.
  • higher melting point (over 40°C higher) for a substantially greater safety margin for recovery from contact with hot objects.
  • lower permeability and therefore stains will diffuse more slowly into type 6,6 nylon so there is more time to clean up a spill before it becomes a stain.

What Shape is Your Carpet In?


Key Benefits: Soil hiding and cleanability

Antron® nylon features unique hollow filament fiber shapes that help hide soiling. Internal voids refract and diffuse light, enhancing soil hiding capability. Also, the smaller surface area of the hollow filament fiber shapes minimize soil accumulation, making cleaning easier.

Better Soil Resistance through Better Technology


Key Benefits: Long-term appearance retention

DuraTech® soil resistance treatment is a patented, durable soil release product that gives long-term soil resistance on all carpet styles of Antron® nylon. It's an integral part of the Antron® nylon brand package and does not need to be specified. DuraTech® soil resistance treatment continues to perform on carpets of Antron® nylon for over one million foot traffics and is only available on styles of Antron® nylon.

In fact, carpets of Antron® nylon have up to 60% better soil resistance than carpets of type 6 nylon after one million foot traffics in real-world floor tests.*

Nobody is Harder on Carpet than Us


Key Benefits: Quality assurance.

All carpets of Antron® nylon are subjected to a rigorous certification screening process—the Antron® Brand Performance Standards Program—to ensure that they will perform, giving you confidence that when you specify a carpet of Antron® fiber, you've specified a carpet that will last.

Plus, carpets of Antron® nylon are warranted by INVISTA for static resistance and against fiber loss due to abrasive wear.

* Results based on testing a representative sample of carpets of comparable construction, style and color.