Say Hello to the Antron® fiber family.

Fiber is our thing. But what can carpet fiber really do for me, you may ask? Well, choose Antron® and your carpet can work and play extra hard, clean up nicely, graciously resist crushing and matting and help keep spills from becoming stains. See for yourself.

Whether it's the style and flexibility of a white dyeable nylon or the performance of a colorful solution dyed nylon (SDN), we have a fiber perfect for whatever you need your floor to live up to. Plenty of beautiful styles await... Find Carpets with Antron®.

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+ Antron® Legacy White Dyeable Nylon

Creativity on the loose. Antron® Legacy white dyeable carpet fiber can be your playground of palette perfection, with shimmery strands and wooly yarns that all play nicely together to create multi-dimensional carpet. Think unlimited styling potential. That's better than pretty—that’s pretty wonderful.

Take a look and get your creative juices flowing

+ Antron® Lumena Standard Denier (1245)

Game on. Carpet for commercial spaces has to be tough. All those feet. All that soil. All that time on the floor taking abuse. Antron® Lumena Standard SDN—with rich neutrals and vibrant accents make styling high performance spaces a color-rich cinch. Because your spaces deserve carpet that looks great on day one as well as years down the road.

See the whole, colorful playbook here

+ Antron® Lumena Fine Denier (895)

Rock on. With a lithe look and sophisticated silhouette, Antron® Lumena Fine SDN makes serious noise in today's style-focused world. We've said before that color has the ability to bring uncommon design to life. Antron® fiber’s deep-down performance benefits, make Antron® Lumena Fine just the fiber you've been looking for to stand up to whatever your space is laying down. Mix and match Fine and Standard colors, for lots of room to jam—together, they're a symphony of just-right shades.

Take a peek at the creative potential here:

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+ Antron® Lumena Glimmer

Shine on. For those of us easily distracted by shiny objects (or just excited to add a little razzle-dazzle to hardworking spaces), Antron® proudly offers both Fine and Standard Glimmers in a solution-dyed format that give you the ability to weave cool pops of mineral sparkle and texture into any design. Cool as chrome on a winter day? You bet.

Gaze upon the whole sparkling set here

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Product Notification: Duracolor® styles may not contain Antron® fiber

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