What is Antron®?

We call it the Antron Touch.

The mark of a high standard for performance that prioritizes people-first. This means you can expect more from your Antron® carpet fiber.

It all started with our high-performance carpet fiber but transformed into a passion for improving away-from-home interiors where people work, learn, heal, and play. It's about improving the physical and emotional comfort that increases confidence and enhances wellbeing. We believe it's what's inside that really matters. We're the Antron® brand, and we encourage you to walk all over us, because we've been making away-from-home spaces brighter, stronger, and easier to clean since 1960.

Don't just take our word for it. We're proud to have customers who stand behind their decision for specifying Antron® in their spaces.

antron touch

Kristine Kirchner, Principal, K2J, Inc.

"Antron® Lumena solution dyed nylon is our carpet fiber of choice because of its stylish options and proven performance. We start all of our projects with the recommendation to our clients to use carpets manufactured with Antron® carpet fiber."

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Gerard Michaud, Project Manager for Palais de Congres

"We also needed carpet that could be easily cleaned, so we conducted staining and cleanability tests. We selected some of the toughest stains, such as red wine and mustard, poured them on the carpet and tested how easily the stains would clean. Only the carpets which passed these tests were considered. The carpet styles constructed of Antron® nylon performed very well in our tests. We had a positive experience with Antron® nylon in the past because previous installations met our performance expectations for more than 10 years. We are very pleased with the carpet selection and how it is performing. Our next carpet renovation will be easier now that we know Antron® carpet fiber will meet our performance requirements."

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John Greene, Physical Plant Director at Trinity University

"The log clearly showed that carpet styles manufactured with Antron® Legacy nylon performed very favorably on campus. Based on this observation, we now limit our carpet selection to certain well-performing carpet styles. My 'go-to' products are carpet styles made with Antron® Legacy nylon."

He maintains a log outlining details for each carpet installation on campus, including the location, date, carpet style, carpet fiber brand and observations to track how well the carpet performed.

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